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The 9x9 challenge

This January I hit a creative roadblock. Every time I step into the studio to create I just end up pushing paint around, doodling until I’m too tired to think let alone create a meaningful/beautiful piece of art.

In order to get out of this creative slump, I’ve come up with a challenge that will have me exploring color and content with nine topics in nine color palettes (9x9!).

Step One: write down nine things that bring you joy.

Here are mine:

  1. Water

  2. Books

  3. Art History

  4. Hiking

  5. Florals

  6. Sparklets (quotes/sayings + hand lettering)

  7. Interiors (lovely textiles, furniture, etc.)

  8. Favorite Beverages (I’ll change up the beverage between palette changes, sometimes I might do wine, sometimes coffee, etc.)

  9. Local produce (because I feel like giving myself “food” wouldn’t be limiting enough, and this way I can set up a still life!)

Step Two: pick a color palette (I’m going to limit myself to 6 colors + white and black). I’ve come up with these nine palettes for this challenge:

Step Three: create a piece of art/sketch/doodle for each of the nine joyful things using that color palette. Post each one on Instagram/Facebook as you create them (I’m going to aim for at least 3 per week).

Step Four: repeat the same nine joyful things in a different color palette. You cannot simply re-color the first nine, you must depict the nine joyful things a different way using the different colors each time.

My goals: to explore color palettes I love, explore mediums/brushes, expand my art library, and mostly to UNLOCK CREATIVITY.

This should keep me busy for the next three-six months (!). Favorite pieces will be added to the print shop this summer.

Here’s a sneak peek at my first three, exclusive to you as an email subscriber! Depicted below (left to right), WATER 1 9x9, FLORAL 1 9x9, HIKING 1 9x9 (suuuuper creative names, right 😉).

I look forward to updating you along the way and if you’re joining in, I can’t wait to see what you create using #HoneyJo9x9Challenge.

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