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About Sparklets

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Sparklets are words and saying that I've come across that stand out, or sparkle, in a way that makes me stop and say, YES!

I think we all do this? You probably have a Pinterst board labeled "Favorite Quotes" or "Quotes to Live By." I started calling them Sparklets after listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, where they use a sacred reading exercise called Forilegium to find new meaning in the text.

The reading practice was founded by medieval European monks who developed the practice of collecting bits of unrelated text, placing them together, and putting them in conversation with each other; as if you were to walk through a meadow collecting flowers; each new flower highlights the other, sparking ideas, and seeing their beauty in a new and different way.

As the monks would read, they would find Sparklets, pieces of text that jumped out at them and seemed to speak to them directly. They would collect bouquets of Sparklets then put them in conversation by re-arranging each Sparklet to illicit new meaning.

I am simply finding text that sparkles for me and pairing them with abstract art I create.

Creativity/creative/create has always sparkled for me. Being called "creative" as a kid sometimes made be beam with pride, and other times felt like a hurdle I couldn't jump.

As an adult, I've discovered that creativity is a super power. I believe we are all creative.

So, I give you "Creativity is a Super Power." This is a vertical print perfect to frame and hang in your bedroom, office, or studio as a daily reminder that you have a super power right there on the right side of your brain, don't forget to use it!⠀⠀⠀

Image by @catebeth

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