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surface patterns, art prints, book illustrations, and more!

I'm thrilled to offer my illustrations to collaborators looking for a hand-drawn, beautiful, and sometimes whimsical surface design.

Click or tap on over to my portfolio showcasing some of my botanical assets. If it gets your wheels turning, please send an email my way so that we can plan a time to discuss your project together. 

If you're interested in art prints for your retail location, please contact me for wholesale pricing.

view my portfolio

I'm so glad you found me! Below is a link to my Oil Botanicals Portfolio. If there's something you think would work well with your project or brand, let's schedule a zoom or call. I thrive on collaboration and cannot wait to hear about your creative project.

(give her a minute to load, she's a large file!)


Explore published work on this page.


Interested in carrying art prints in your shop?


My art prints are listed on Faire, but feel free to reach out directly if you're local (Central Coast, California)

more about my BOTANICAL ART

I create these pieces in Procreate on my iPad usually late at night or early in the morning when my household is asleep. They bring beauty, freedom, and calmness to my day which is so needed in this season of my life.

Growing up, my mom always had (and still does!) a large, bold, and wild garden. I have fond memories of picking flowers, arranging them creatively, then carefully wrapping them in a wet paper towel and walking them to school as a gift for my teachers.  "They're beautiful!" my teachers would exclaim as they received them with so much gratitude and joy.


Gifting beauty, gratitude, and joy. What a feeling elementary-school-Jenna learned and associated with flowers! That is the feeling I try to recreate with each painted flower in my digital garden. 

The ability to create these flowers, digitally arrange them endlessly, then see them as art prints or surface pattern designs allows me to spread that beauty, gratitude, and joy I felt as a child.


Please reach out if you'd like to commission a piece with flowers that have meaning to you or a loved one! It could be a bundle of their birthday month flower, their wedding bouquet, or maybe a special bloom that the two of you share. 

Botanical Art Commissions starts at $350

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