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I'm Jenna Hartzell

an all-around creative with an entrepreneurial drive.


I'm a freelance illustrator + creative director who can never pick a favorite color.


I have midwest roots but have been living the laid back California lifestyle for almost 15 years.


I love floral patterns, am deeply drawn to the ocean, and obsessed with all things art history related (see Page of Art History for more!).


I'm learning that imperfect and visible is better than perfect and hidden.

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Jenna Hartzell, artist of Honey Jo Creat
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You can find me...

With an oversized bottle of water, mug of coffee, or glass of wine in my hand, blue light glasses on, scribbling down ideas and dreams, ready to show my little corner of the internet how I find peace, beauty, inspiration, and purpose through art-making, pattern designing, creative endeavors, and collaborations.