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I'm Jenna Hartzell

an all-around creative with an entrepreneurial drive.


I am a freelance artist, illustrator, creative director, and digital creator whose favorite color changes daily. I have Midwest roots but traded in my snow boots and umbrella for flip flops and a sun hat after graduating college. I have been living the laid-back California lifestyle for over 15 years.

I am passionate about arts education and obsessed with floral patterns, seascapes, and all things art history (see Page of Art History for more!).

This brings me to you!

My work aims to add more beauty, creativity, and joy to your life.

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Jenna Hartzell, artist of Honey Jo Creat
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I find peace, beauty, inspiration, and purpose through art-making, whimsical pattern designing, creative endeavors, and collaborations. 

You can find me...

  • with a mug of piping hot coffee in my hand (which functions as a delicious-smelling hand warmer),

  • an oversized bottle of water nearby (because I'm winning the day if I can hit those time goals on the side),

  • and my reading glasses on while digitally illustrating or designing on my computer while listening to a podcast or audiobook (my monthly email gives you the 4-1-1 on my content consumption).


Cuddling with my kids is always the best part of my day, and hiking is my favorite form of physical activity outside of the pool. 

My path to Procreate

Let’s fast forward through the early years by covering the highlights:

  •  I considered myself an artist at a young age; taking art classes at the local college in third grade made it “official” for my third-grade brain.

  • I took loads of studio classes in college but majored in Art History due to transferring and playing water polo (#pololove), also, Art History is awesome and you should check out Page of Art History.

  • I was told I couldn’t make a living as an artist so I taught myself the Adobe Suite and went into the professional field for a “real job” as an arts administrator and then senior director of a historic property (I still got to be creative but did it for businesses).


You’re pretty much caught up! In December 2019 I was gifted an iPad and downloaded Procreate after seeing Lisa Congdon use it on Instagram (thanks, Lisa!). After sidelining my creativity for over five years, I needed a creative outlet as I worked full-time and mothered two small kiddos. 

The iPad and Procreate are the perfect solutions for someone who doesn’t have the space to set up an art studio (if you’ve lived with toddlers, you feel me!). 

  • There’s no set-up or clean-up involved (time and space saver). 

  • You can “paint” in bed when everyone is sleeping (who doesn’t like to be cozy?).

  • Your artwork is already digitized so no need to invest in a great scanner or camera.


While I still love to mix paint and play with analog materials, making art on the iPad gives me what I need in my life right now: flexibility to be creative on my schedule (that happens to be dictated by small humans and client work). 


Now that you know more about me, I would love to hear why you’re here! 

I would love to hear from you! Please reach out if any of the above apply.

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