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I'm Jenna Hartzell

an all-around creative with an entrepreneurial drive.


I'm an artist and self-taught designer living on California's Central Coast.

I've had dreams of being a professional artist since I was young, and I am finally investing in my creativity and cannot wait to share my art-repreneur journey and art(!) with you.


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Jenna Hartzell, artist of Honey Jo Creat
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You can find me...

With an oversized bottle of water, mug of coffee, or glass of wine in my hand, blue light glasses on, scribbling down ideas and dreams, ready to show my little corner of the internet how I find peace, beauty, inspiration, and purpose through art-making and creative endeavors & collaborations. 


Water has always been the element that soothes me. Just add water and your mood will instantly change.

  • Dehydrated? Drink some water.

  • Stressed? Take a bath.

  • Hot? Ice will cool you down!

  • In a funk? Go for a swim and feel refreshed.

  • Dissatisfied with a painting? Add some water and wash it away. 


I enjoy creating abstracts, figures, hand-lettering, and florals, but my subject matter always comes back to the water (just call me Moana).


I'm not sure it will always be this way, but when I look at my earliest sketches and memories of art-making, I see charcoal drawings of palm trees and waves, and I know I'm not abandoning my water muse anytime soon.