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I'm Jenna Hartzell

an all-around creative with an entrepreneurial drive.


I am a freelance illustrator, creative director, and digital creator whose favorite color changes daily. I have midwest roots but traded in my snow boots and umbrella for flip flops and a sun hat directly after graduating from Miami University and have been living the laid-back California lifestyle for almost 15 years.


I have a passion for arts education and am obsessed with floral patterns, seascapes, and all things art history (see Page of Art History for more!).

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Jenna Hartzell, artist of Honey Jo Creat
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You can find me...

with a mug of coffee in my hand and an oversized bottle of water nearby, blue light glasses on, digitally illustrating while listening to a podcast or audiobook.


I find peace, beauty, inspiration, and purpose through art-making, whimsical pattern designing, creative endeavors, and collaborations. 

Please reach out if you're interested in:

  • Collabs: Wholesale Art Prints & Art Licensing (illustrations, patterns, and beyond)

  • Page of Art History

  • Commissioning Artwork 

  • Collaborating on a design/branding project